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Participants of the California State Parks Foundation, the Florida's Birding & FotoFest, the Florida Wildlife Federation, and the Washington State Parks Foundation galleries may register with MyParkPhotos as members (free registration) and register photographs for those partner galleries and photo contests. All current and new MyParkPhotos members may also participate in those partner galleries through their admin areas.


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Rules for Registering Contest Photographs

1) Contest photographs must be taken in any city, county, state, provincial or national public park, wildlife refuge, forest or trail (general public lands).

2) All Photographs must be registered at a minimum resolution of 800x600 pixels a maximum file size of 4MB, and in .JPG format.

Note: Photos are displayed online with MPP and Partner's galleries at approximately 700x525 and reviewed by judges at 800x600 for greater clarity during the Photo of the Day (POTD), Photo of the Month (POTM) and Photo of the Year (POTY) selections.

Registration of Contest Photographs

Photographs may only be registered once. Members have an option when registering a property photograph to use one point per photograph to add the photograph into the POTD, POTM and POTY contests.

3) MyParkPhotos.com reserves the right to crop registered photographs for display purposes as required.

4) Parental Release: Photographs of children (when recognizable in the photograph) must have a written and signed consent by a parent or legal guardian of the child or children "on file" with MyParkPhotos.com before the photograph may be displayed.

Note: Please mail a signed release to us before registering your property photo with a recognizable child.  You may download a parental consent form here. (PDF)

5) In the event that ownership of any contest photograph submitted to MyParkPhotos.com is disputed in any manner, MyParkPhotos.com reserves the right to remove and disqualify the photograph from the member's gallery and any contests.

6) By registering your photographs with MyParkPhotos.com, you agree to the following:

Release by the Photographer

I warrant that I took the photograph(s) submitted here (collectively, the "Photographs"), that I own the copyrights to the Photographs, and that I have authority to enter into this Release;

I understand that MyParkPhotos.com has entered and will enter into agreements with public land entities, to include Parks, Wildlife Refuges, Forests and Trails and non-profit organizations supporting interests in public lands, and nature and wildlife (Partners) for the purpose of displaying certain Photographs on the Partners websites.

I release MyParkPhotos.com and Partners from any liability whatsoever that arises from the use of the Photographs except for uses that violate the terms and conditions of this release. I agree to work in good faith with MyParkPhotos.com and Partners to promptly resolve any problems or disputes that may arise due to my registration and the use of the Photographs.

By registering my Photographs with MyParkPhotos.com, I grant MyParkPhotos.com and Partners the royalty-free and non-exclusive right to use my Photographs as follows: (i) on Partner and MyParkPhotos.com websites; (ii) for Partner and MyParkPhotos.com advertising and brochures; (iii) in Partner and MyParkPhotos.com electronic emails. I waive the right to inspect or approve the final use of my Photographs by MyParkPhotos.com and Partners for the above uses.

I understand that MyParkPhotos.com and Partners will request permission from me before using my Photographs for purposes other than listed above. I understand that my Photographs will not be otherwise distributed to any third party or sponsors without my permission.

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Florida.

I agree that if any portion of this Release is found to be void or unenforceable, the remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect. Void where prohibited by law.

7) Members must register each property related photograph into one relevant category.

  Black & White (Includes Sepia)
  Close Up

Note: Members are invited to add artistic photographs manipulated through Photoshop or another photo editing program into the Open category to try and win the POTY for artistic photographs! Also, overly manipulated photographs may be placed into this category at any time at the discretion of the judges.
  Plant life
  Recreation (Includes previous Camping category)

For more information, please view our FAQ for Categories.

MyParkPhotos.com reserves the right to determine and change a photograph's category at any time.

8) All images that include captive birds or wildlife should be identified as such. This may be done by putting a (C) at the end of the photo caption/name.

Note: This applies to any animal or bird restrained by a fence, cage, pen, cage, tether, wing clipping, or any other method, and includes wild animals temporarily captive during rescue and treatment pending future release. Animals freely roaming wild in parks would not be so identified.


9) Photographs must be registered no later than 11:59 PM Wednesday, July 31, 2013, to be included in the community's last month's contest and the MyParkPhotos.com annual contest of 2011.

10) Judges base their decisions on the following qualities for the daily and yearly recognition contests:  Focus, Composition, Lighting, Technical Superiority, Impact, Creativity, and Storytelling.

11) Daily, Yearly and Scholarship Contests:

A. Daily Photo Contest: All POTD selections are made by members who give a "thumbs up" to any previous day's registered contest photographs. The photograph with the most "thumbs up" each evening at midnight EST is displayed as the winning POTD for the following day. If more than one photograph has an equal number of points, then the computer randomly selects one of the tied photos for the POTD. The most recent POTDs are displayed in sequence on the POTD archive.

B. Monthly Photo Contest: Twelve photographs, one per category, are selected each month from among all  photographs registered by members from the first to the last day of the previous month. The winning photographs are displayed for community recognition in the POTM archive. One Best Photograph of the Month is selected either by the site administrator or a guest judge and the winning photographer receives awards from our sponsors (Lowepro Camera bag and B&H $50 Gift Card.

Note: Members may be selected to win the Best Photograph of the Month contest only once per year.
C. Yearly Photo Contest: All winning "Best Photograph of the Month" photographs chosen by judges between the months of August and July will be judged as a final competition by one or more guest judges and one photograph will be selected and announced as our community's Best Photograph of the Year in August.
12) Please do not place borders, frames, or dates on your images.

Note: Photos with these elements will be removed from the various contests and property galleries and displayed only in the member's personal albums.Signatures, watermarks with signature, and copyright notices are allowed and may be placed on the photograph by the owner. Due to judging and display purposes, please place your copyright or watermark information on the photograph as faint as you deem practical with a balance between the understandable need to protect your images and the community's interest in promoting the properties. Thank you!

13) The decisions of the judge(s) for the POTD, POTM and POTY are final.

14) Photographs that fail to comply with these rules may be disqualified from the contests and displayed only in the member's albums, or removed from the site.